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We are heavily dependent on an expatriate work force. Foreign labour comes mostly from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Jobs in Dubai are in high demand in all sectors, as it is a major economic hub of the Middle East.

Benefits: There are a multitude of benefits associated with working in the UAE. The region has no personal taxation. This is one of the major attractions. "Free zones" or tax-free in the UAE have become the fastest developing centers in the world, attracting a workforce from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, UK, Australia, China, South Africa etc. and influencing the multiethinic community. These zones offer many financial incentives to foreign companies, such as collecting no corporate or personal income tax for at least fifteen years, and allowing them to remain 100 percent foreign-owned.

Other benefits usually include basic housing, car provision or allowance if a car is required for the job, education for children, and air tickets for home visits. When accepting a contract you should get a formal contract from your employer, with the conditions of employment, salary, benefits, etc.

The number of women working in Dubai has increased in the recent years. Women are treated with respect.

The government regulates workplace health and safety standards quite rigorously. For example, injured workers are given fair compensation. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to work. The work schedule is generally 8 hours a day for 6 days a week. If the temperature exceeds 44 degrees, workers are not required to work outside.

Job Opportunities: Dubai has been one of the fastest growing and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Dubai is also one of the top cities for construction, IT, media, finance, hospitality and engineering. Additionally, UAE is an important producer of natural gas and oil. Abu Dhabi possesses the majority of oil and natural gas reserves followed by Dubai.

You don't have to look far to see wealth. Soaring skyscrapers and glittering hotels dominate the Dubai skyline. Luxurious resorts and opulent shopping malls sprawl across the streets.

The composition of the workforce is striking. About 70% of the government workforce is made up of local nationals. However in the private sector.

Major Industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing, construction, shipping and telecommunications are growing rapidly, and occupations such as education, healthcare, information technology, and engineering have a shortage and need workers now.

Language requirements: English is the main language. Candidates with spoken Arabic ability have an advantage.